Cannabis and the Christian: What the Bible Says about Marijuana (Paperback)

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What does the Bible say about marijuana? If it doesn’t directly address marijuana, how can Christians know what to make of the legalization of recreational cannabis and the advocacy of medical marijuana?
In the past, Christians could easily answer the question of whether or not it was permissible to use cannabis by deferring to state prohibitions. We could simply say, “it’s against the law.” Today, that answer is no longer possible. Christians are now forced to do what they should have been doing all along: Think like disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ and bring to bear the wisdom of the sufficient Word of God. 
Since cannabis is not explicitly mentioned in the Bible, we must understand what it is and how it affects the user. We also must understand what the Bible says about discipleship, healing, suffering, and what it is to be human. Only then can we answer the critical questions regarding the recreational use and the medical use of cannabis.
In Cannabis and the Christian, Todd Miles gives readers:
  • Biblical wisdom applied to the question of recreational cannabis
  • Biblical wisdom related to the medical use of cannabis
  • A grid to think through other ethical questions that aren’t directly addressed in the Bible
  • Confidence to respond to challenging issues standing on the sufficient Word of God

About the Author

Todd Miles is assistant professor of Theology and Hermeneutics at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon, where he earned the M.Div. He also holds a Ph.D. from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Praise For…

Cannabis and the Christian is an outstanding book. It’s thoughtful, biblical, and enjoyable to read. Whether you agree or disagree with the conclusions, this book deserves a wide reading. We need to think through how to navigate one of the biggest ethical issues of our day, and Todd Miles has given us a helpful tool.”
—Sean McDowell, Ph.D., Biola University Professor, Speaker, Author

The question of what to do about legalized marijuana has reached the church’s doorstop. Todd Miles provides a skilled and timely answer. He is fiercely biblical in his treatment, clear in his warnings, and tender with those looking for relief in the midst of suffering. But he does so much more than address cannabis use. Miles models how to think Christianly about ethics when the Bible doesn’t offer a proof text, how to lean into God and his Word when we experience chronic pain, and how to react when the demands of the government don’t align with the demands of God. Pick up this book as soon as you can! If the problems Miles addresses aren't knocking on the door of your church and family right now, they will be very soon.
—Aaron Menikoff, Ph.D., Senior Pastor, Mount Vernon Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA. Author of Character Matters: Shepherding in the Fruit of the Spirit

More than ever before, in today’s world for those who follow Jesus, it is critically important to be a thinking Christian. It’s so easy to respond to questions or topics with our own opinions or emotionally based. Or not think about it too much and go with whatever is the strongest voices and opinions that are out there even if not too biblically thoughtful or well researched. What I love about Todd and this book, is that it is an extremely thoughtful book. Foremost, it is biblically based but it really looks at the reality of marijuana usage today, not in a shallow way, nor reactionary nor void of even bringing in both scientific and cultural insight. I’m thankful to finally have a book I can now recommend and use in day-to-day life and ministry on this topic.
—Dan Kimball, Author of How (Not) To Study the Bible, Western Seminary faculty

We are called to take every thought and action captive to Christ. Therefore as states continue to legalize marijuana the question becomes how are we to think biblically about Mary Jane? Though the Bible doesn’t address it directly, Miles argues the Bible is sufficient to address the issue. The research on marijuana is a moving target, but Miles provides a wise and winsome Christian analysis of both recreational and medical marijuana. Discipleship must include dealing with tough current issues, and Miles is a shepherd along the path. Pick up a few copies of this book and pass it around to parents, teens, and pastors.
—Patrick Schreiner, Ph.D., Associate Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Author of The Visual Word: Illustrated Outlines of The New Testament Books

With the de-stigmatization and often recreational legalization of marijuana sweeping across the American landscape, it is easy to treat significant issues as old hat and simply as part of the ‘new consensus.’ Todd Miles's book is a welcome rebuttal to an issue that will likely have tremendous impact on the local church and throughout American culture. He does a fine job of exploring the overt and implicit dangers linked with marijuana use and does so by appealing to Scriptural authority.
—Andrew T. Walker, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Christian Ethics, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Todd Miles has done the Christian and the local pastor an enormous service with this book. With clarity, precision, and pastoral sensitivity, he addresses the legal, medical, moral, and ethical questions facing Christians in a culture hurtling toward widespread legalization of marijuana. This book distills and presents the careful, nuanced wisdom of Scripture to help followers of Jesus answer the questions posed by legalization. But more than that, Todd calls us to a faithful discipleship which understands the relief of suffering is not our highest goal, but rather joy in the Lord. I highly recommend this book."
—Michael Lawrence, lead pastor of Hinson Baptist Church, Portland, Oregon

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