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This is book number 505 in the Counterpoints series.


Relational Ontologies uses the metaphor of a fishing net to represent the epistemological and ontological beliefs that we weave together for our children, to give meaning to their experiences and to help sustain them in their lives. The book describes the epistemological threads we use to help determine what we catch up in our net as the warp threads, and our ontological threads as the weft threads. It asks: what kind of fishing nets are we weaving for our children to help them make sense of their experiences? What weft threads are we including and working to strengthen, and what threads are we removing or leaving out? It is important to carefully re/examine these most basic ways of catching up what sustains us in our ocean of infinite experiences, as the threads we weave for our children will determine what they catch up in their nets, until they are old enough to re/weave their own. Relational Ontologies reweaves America's epistemological and ontological fishing net on a larger scale, turning to indigenous cultures and diverse spiritual beliefs for assistance in reforming American schools.

About the Author

Barbara J. Thayer-Bacon, Ph.D. (Indiana University, Bloomington) teaches graduate courses on philosophy and history of education, and cultural diversity at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Her primary research areas are: philosophy of education, pragmatism, feminist theory and pedagogy, and cultural studies in education.

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ISBN: 9781433132223
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Publisher: Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publi
Publication Date: January 23rd, 2017
Pages: 172
Language: English
Series: Counterpoints