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When a young attorney, recently displaced to a small country practice, prepared a will for John Bland, an elderly african-american gentleman, little did he know that he was about to embark upon the case of his life. Bland claimed that he had been defrauded in a real estate deal by a relative who turned out to be none other than the revered Mayor of Los Angeles, Thomas Bradley, himself african-american. Bradley was now, in 1981, running for Governor of California against George Deukmemian and was far ahead in the polls. This true story involves the investigation into Bland's claim which leads to the initial confrontation through several legal battles which culminate in the eventual gubernatorial election and jury trial. Following the election, there was much discussion among politicos concerning the results. How could Bradley be so far ahead in the polls and lose the election? These discussions, which continue to this day, are known as The Bradley Effect.

About the Author

John, formerly an attorney and retired superior court judge for the State of California, works for the Administrative Office of the Courts as a part-time judge in various counties within the state. He lives in Northern California with his wife, Ryan, where he enjoys traveling, boating, barbecuing and playing poker. He may be reached through his website

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