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Jonathan Edwards studied and graduated from Yale University at the age of seventeen and is ranked among America's most preeminent philosopher and theologians. Martin Luther wrote his work The Bondage of the Will against Erasmus of Rottadam and thanked Erasmus of for disputing with him over this issue and Luther realised that Erasmus's views were those of the Pelagians. Edwards wrote Freedom of the Will in 1754 while serving in Massachusetts as a missionary to a native tribe of Housatonic Indians. In this work Edwards investigates the contrasting Calvinist and Arminian views about free will, God's foreknowledge, determinism, and moral agency. As Edwards attempts to resolve the contention surrounding these topics, he relies on a variety of resources including the Bible and philosophy works of enlightenment thinkers. This book can be challenging due to Edwards' emphasis on philosophical reasoning. Edwards seeks to educate his reader by frequently defning terms and explaining controversial passages in depth. Freedom of the Will is relevant to every Christian be cause it addresses difficult questions about desire, choice, good, and evil.

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