Thirty-Three Ways Seven Faiths Agree with Meher Baba (Hardcover)

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Tom Wolfe has produced a remarkable book - a detailed probing of the principles Meher Baba has given His lovers, a collection of comparable, divinely inspired quotes from every major religion, pointing out their concordance with Meher Baba's teachings as well as each other. It provides evidence of the Divine Plan common to all religions, the unity of souls and God's unvarying revelations and communication with humanity. No matter what your perspective on God and religion might be, reading this book will strengthen and inspire your faith, bringing you yet another step nearer to the reality of God's Universal Love. - Brian Darnell

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ISBN: 9781736522615
ISBN-10: 1736522612
Publisher: Be Friendly Ministries
Publication Date: December 31st, 2021
Pages: 242
Language: English