The Hunt for the 60's Ripper (Paperback)

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Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, and The Who were all performing in the Queensway and Shepherd’s Bush areas of London in 1964-65, but in those same areas during the early hours a meticulous serial killer was stalking local prostitutes, dumping their naked bodies on the streets. While London was famed for its trendy boutiques, groundbreaking movies, and its Carnaby Street vibe, the reality included a huge street prostitution scene, a violent world that filled the magistrate’s courts but rarely made headlines. Seven, possibly eight, women fell victim—making this killer more prolific than Jack the Ripper, 77 years previously. His grim spree sparked the biggest police manhunt in history. But why did such a massive hunt fail? And why has such a traumatic case been largely forgotten today? With shocking conclusions, one detective makes the astonishing new claim that all the original evidence from the crime scenes has been destroyed. Using secret police papers, crime reconstructions, and interviews with contemporary police experts along with insights from the world’s leading geographical profiler, Hunt for the 60's Ripper revisits this chilling case. What do modern experts say about the case today? And why did the leading detective, John du Rose, claim to know all along who the killer was? With links to figures from the vicious world of the Kray twins and the Profumo Affair, the case exposes the depraved underbelly of British society in the Swinging Sixties. An evocative and thought-provoking reinvestigation into perhaps the most shocking unsolved mass murder in modern British history.

About the Author

Robin Jarossi is a journalist and editor.

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ISBN: 9781907324659
ISBN-10: 1907324658
Publisher: Mirror Books
Publication Date: July 13th, 2018
Pages: 304
Language: English