Somali Sideways: : Photobook in Changing Perceptions of the Somalis (Paperback)

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"Somali sideways has got to be one of the ground breaking creative projects ever created by a Somali for Somalis only. It shares powerful, sad, funny and hopeful global stories of Somalis. I was honoured to have been part of the work Mohamed created and it gave me the opportunity to share my journey with many other Somalis around the world." - Leyla Hussein; Lead Social Activist, Psychotherapist, Writer. "I think Somali Sideways was the first platform that allowed Somalis to connect with and be inspired by stories of strangers from around the world. I think the images of Somalis standing sideways were very powerful. To me it felt like they were allowing us into their lives but at the same time reminding that there is a lot more to them that we don't know." - Haweya Ismail; Founder of MUD & MUSK "Mohamed Mohamud is one of the smartest, inspiring and hardworking leaders you will ever meet. When Mohamed started Somali Sideways to shape the narrative and showcase positive images of the Somali experience globally, there were not many platforms that filled the need Mohamed saw. Mohamed was a young man ahead of his time. Hundreds of people have reached out to him to share their life experiences from all corners of the world. Somali Sideways brought us stories of Somalis in places we never imagine finding Somalis in the first place. With this book, Mohamed has chosen some of the best and inspiring stories that he hopes to share with the world." - Guled Ibrahim; Rotary Peace Fellow and One Young World Ambassador.

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ISBN: 9781912411047
ISBN-10: 1912411040
Publisher: Looh Press
Publication Date: January 20th, 2018
Pages: 148
Language: English